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Dear Parents,


Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten


On behalf of the Sponsoring Body, I would like to inform you that starting from 1 August, Good Hope School (Primary Section) and Good Hope School (Kindergarten) will be more closely united and become Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten. Actually this is not something new, because way back in the 50s, Good Hope School began as a Kindergarten and then the primary section was incorporated in the same year. This year, 2012, we shall have the first cohort of Kindergarten pupils who have undergone the complete cycle of pre-primary education at Good Hope and we think it is the appropriate time to further interface the kindergarten with the primary.


In this new set up, the principal will lead the primary school cum kindergarten while heading the Primary Section. She will work hand in hand with the division head of the Kindergarten to take care of our pupils at different developmental stages. The teachers of the respective sections will continue to avail of their expertise in the education of the students while the senior teachers of both sections will work hand in hand to enhance the learning outcome of the students. Likewise, the leadership team of the Secondary Section will also work with that of the Primary School to ensure a smooth access of the primary students to the Secondary School. It is anticipated that through this important move to achieve even tighter integration of the different sections of the School particularly in regard to early education of the young Hopers, our students will grow into responsible young woman leaders imbued with the Good Hope core values of love, hope, joy and thanksgiving.


Passage of the Kindergarten pupils to the primary level will be facilitated by an interview with the Primary teachers and the recommendation of the Kindergarten Head. It is hoped that with this new structure, our little Hopers will be given a more coherent quality education that takes care of their developmental needs in the Good Hope Family.


May God bless you.


Yours Sincerely,



Sr. Pauline Yuen, M.I.C.